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Songs at Twilight

Released in 1992, many of the songs on this recording were inspired by our affiliation with Earl Moon, longtime barbershopper, friend, musical arranger and advisor to the group.

Try one of these samples of our first recording.

  • Just Because/Shine Medley    
  • If There's Anybody Here From
          Out Of Town
  • I'll Always be Mother's Boy
  • Those Roarin' Soarin' 20's
  • Young and Foolish    
  • Emaline    
  • I'd Like to Do It Again
  • Love's Old Sweet Song    
  • Hello Broadway    
  • Old Folks
  • Nat King Cole Medley

  • "Songs at Twilight presents an award winning style on familiar barbershop songs such as "If There's Anybody Here From Out Of Town" and "Love's Old Sweet Song," along with tunes less often sung in contests.

    "The grand finale of the recording is an eleven minute "Nat King Cole Medley" which includes excerpts of "Mona Lisa", Nature Boy", "A Blossom Fell", "Unforgettable", "Too Young", and "Answer Me, My Love".

    "It's fabulous!"

    - Primarily A Cappella

    Click here to order Songs at Twilight from Maine-ly A cappella, or here for information on purchasing directly from Nightlife.

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