The Afterglow Lounge

At this time, we are not taking any performances. Many thanks for the years of love and support from our fans.

Congratulations to our good friends, OC Times for their medalist performances in Denver.

Check out pictures of Nightlife from our travels around the country.
PR Kit

If you have hired Nightlife for your event, and need materials for a show program, or show promotion, please feel free to use these resources. All photos are 300dpi TIF images.

Quartet Bio and Member Information
Plain text and Microsoft Word formats
Word format
Plain text

  Promo Photo
Tall Orientation
Black & White

  Promo Photo
Letterbox Orientation
Black & White

Nightlife Logo
Greyscale, and B&W versions. EPS format.
Greyscale with City
Black & White

The Greyscale image is provided for high quality printing. However, should you want to use the logo to announce your show in a medium that is photocopied (such as a newsletter), you will find that you will achieve much higher quality by using the black and white version.

Here is a low resolution preview of what the logos look like.